Where are the Children?

Posted on Oct 04 2015


In the scriptures concerning Noah and the Ark, there is a full accounting of the persons, animals and inventory that entered the Ark. The four married couples that the Lord shut in the Ark were saved by His grace, mercy and compassion. But there were no children on board, raising the question of why. The answer is that the ungodly parents had no interest in spiritual things and were not concerned about their or their children’s souls. The children were lost just like their parents, never coming to the safety of the Ark. Just as the flood waters led to the death of the children of Noah’s time, there are floods of violence, immorality, deception, drugs, terrorism, broken homes, mass killings and religious persecution threatening the children of today. In our society, there is a similar spiritual apathy leading to the death of the children.

  1. Teaching Your Children/Grandchildren About The Lord Is Not A Choice But A Commandment. If parents take spiritual truths lightly, then the children will take it lightly. If the parents suppress, conceal or twist the truth, then the children will question and likely reject the truth. Many children are suffering from ‘truth decay’ because parents are living a lie rather than the truth. Teaching children the way of the Lord is a command, not a suggestion.
  2. Children Are Not Born With A Life Preserver; You Must Put Them In The Arms Of Jesus. Children should be led to the Lord as early as possible. The uncertainty of life, the corrupt culture, and the increasingly early introduction to evil makes their salvation more difficult as time passes. Salvation is not automatic, but is intentional through prayer, guidance, teaching, reading and modeling, reinforcing their faith and understanding.
  3. God’s Word Does Not Change Even When It Comes To Our Children. We must take God at His Word, for He cannot lie. He gives us sufficient time and opportunity to bring our children to Him. His grace is sufficient for us all to gain salvation, but only if we consciously turn to Him.