What’s In and What’s Out

Posted on Jan 04 2016

The end of New Year celebrations have been replaced with predictions for the coming year. Unfortunately, many will have their palms read, consult their horoscopes and scrutinize the messages in fortune cookies, looking for tips to guide their lives. God does not want us to be foolish, but wise. He does not change, but His works change, and He does a new thing and a new work according to His desires.


  1. God Has The Prerogative To Change The Landscape Of Your Life. God can change the political, economic, military, educational and ethnic landscape. God changes whatever He choses, including your personal landscape. He may require new approaches, strategies and methods in your walk, and may remove or add people to your life.
  2. He Changes The Leaders. God is not afraid of anything, anybody or of change. He can make a change in leadership without missing a beat. He changes our leaders, employers, supervisors, ministers, counselors and mentors according to His design.
  3. He Is An Expansionist. God led the Children of Israel out of Egypt into the Promised Land, increasing their holdings in battle after battle. He was expanding their lands, but also working to expand their faith and their relationship with Him. God similarly wishes to expand our faith, character, knowledge, understanding, wisdom, work ethic, prayer life, personal holiness, patience and kindness.