The Lordship of Christ

Posted on Apr 25 2016, Pastor: Robert A. Wingfield

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Many know that King David and King Solomon were among the greatest Old Testament poets, but they are unaware of the Apostle Paul’s poetic genius shown in the New Testament. In the Book of Romans, the words we translate “Jesus is Lord” was obvious to 1st Century Christians in the Roman Empire as a poetic and provocative battle cry. Those words put them at odds with the Roman leadership, positioning them as enemies of the state. We are engaged in the same struggle with today’s society, with the state redefining family, marriage, freedoms and values, banning public prayer, nativity scenes, and any reference to God or Christ in the public square.

You Must Confess The Lordship Of Christ. To be saved, you must believe there is one Lord, Jesus Christ. At the same time, you are proclaiming that the state is not lord, and righteousness comes from the Saviour not government. We are to pray for those in authority, not worship them, obeying as long as their decrees do not contradict the God’s commands.

We Must Proclaim The Lordship Of Christ. As disciples of Christ, we are commanded to not only share our faith, but to make disciples of those who chose salvation. Those we disciple, whether our relatives, colleagues or friends, are to grow in the knowledge and wisdom of the Faith, so they may properly share with others.

Daily Submit To The Lordship Of Christ. We are to submit our desires to the will of Christ. Whether in our daily decisions of finances, time, relationships, recreation or work, we are to sacrifice our will to submit to His will.