The Day of The LORD

Posted on Nov 22 2015

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People in this season are anticipating and preparing for three important days:  Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  Yet there is an important, controversial day in God’s Word called ‘The Day of the Lord’ that many Christians do not fully recognize.  The term is referenced 18 times in the Old Testament and 5 times in the New Testament, increasing to over 200 when slight variations of the phrase are included.  It refers to the 7 year Tribulation in the future when Israel and the world will undergo great trials, highlighted by the emergence of the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet.  The Thessalonians were concerned about a false teaching that the Day of the Lord had already occurred, and they had missed the promised Rapture of the Church.  Paul addressed that heresy by showing the signs that must occur before the Day of the Lord.

Satan Circulates Forgeries. Paul warned that false teachers and prophets were used by Satan to circulate lies contrary to God’s Word.  These lies included alleged utterances from the Holy Spirit, and teachings and forged letters professing contrary doctrines.  Christians must be careful whom they listen to and trust, to avoid being swayed, confused or upset by those who misrepresent the Gospel.

Satan Is Priming The World For A False Leader. It is probable that Satan will attack people’s faith and hope through fear.  The increasing threats from crime, terrorism, and economic chaos can be used to have people willingly give up their freedoms for the promise of security and stability.  This will enable the charismatic Anti-Christ to take over world leadership from a fearful and hopeless populace that will willingly come under his despotic rule.

The Holy Spirit Is Restraining The Unveiling Of The Man Of Lawlessness For Now. It is only through the Holy Spirit working through the Church that Satan’s evil plans are restrained, limiting the damage to mankind and the world.  But according to God’s plan, there will be a time that the Holy Spirit’s protection will be removed with the Rapture of the Church, allowing the fulfillment of prophesy for the Day of the Lord.