The Catechism of Celibacy

Posted on Nov 08 2015

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The Catechesis of Celibacy

1 Corinthians 7:29-40

In his answer to the Corinthians about their theological questions, the Apostle Paul gave a ringing endorsement of a celibate lifestyle. This position was a rebuke and a surprising contrast to that hedonistic, pagan society, which also reflects today’s culture. While reassuring them of the worthiness of marriage, Paul taught the superiority of celibacy, noting that children, singles, divorcees and widows/widowers are to be celibate. This non-married group, a far larger population than married couples, is to be consecrated to God’s service. To use a military metaphor, Christian singles are like a special operations elite force, such as the Navy Seals or Army Rangers, undergoing rigorous training to carry out required missions anywhere, any time in the world.