The Catechesis of Giving

Posted on Oct 26 2015, Pastor: Pastor Robert A. Wingfield
One of the most controversial, divisive subjects in the Bible is the subject of giving. In fact, the first record of giving in the Bible resulted in the homicide of Abel by his brother Cain. Some who hear a message on giving feel graced and thankful, while others feel dejected and upset. The chilling reality is that the same Satan that filled Cain’s heart to murder Abel over giving also negatively influenced Judas about the woman giving expensive spikenard to anoint Jesus’ feet. It is no surprise that enemy still misleads people today.

Giving Involves Presenting One’s Gift and Oneself. Many feel they have enough problems and bills, so they rationalize not giving to God. But they show their reliance and trust in themselves rather than God. Abel was a righteous soul bringing the firstfruits of his labor as a sin offering demonstrating his faith in God to provide, while Cain was a wicked soul who offered what was left over. The Catechesis (instruction) of Giving is when you first give yourself to the Lord, then you will give the appropriate gifts to the Lord.

Giving Is a Form of Communication. Giving speaks volumes, revealing whether you delight in the Lord or are neglecting the Lord, whether He is at the forethought of your thinking and life, or is merely an afterthought. Giving is a form of communication, showing by action your intent and attitude.

Giving Is Eternal. God is eternal and we give to the eternal God. In heaven, we will eternally give God praise, thanksgiving, honor, dominion and riches. God never stops giving to us, and we are to never to stop giving to God.