The Catechesis of Giving Part 2

Posted on Nov 02 2015, Pastor: Robert A. Wingfield
The Jews of the Old Testament were commanded to give to two groups – the priests and the poor. The New Testament similarly commands Christians to give to our High Priest Christ through His Church and the poor. The continuing necessity of giving to the poor today is undeniable, as is the privilege to give to Christ through the Church. Paul used the metaphor of giving to the priests to express his appreciation of the gifts of the Philippian church. He expressed his great joy over the gifts that sustained his physical needs.

1. Giving Produces Great Joy. Paul not only rejoiced in the Lord but also delighted in the Philippians because of the openness, optimism and fervor demonstrated by their giving. This model spiritual attitude is described as a fragrant offering, using the metaphor of a pleasant aroma. Without that appropriate attitude, church giving descends to the air of stinginess, selfishness, indifference and apathy. Giving to the Lord with the right attitude has a way of clearing the air, lightening the heart, renewing the spirit and bringing joy.

2. Giving Is A Joint Venture. As Christians, we are co-laborers with Christ to promote His Kingdom. We are in a partnership and a fellowship with a stake in His work. Missionaries are being supported, souls saved, the hungry fed, schools built and clean water provided through our joint efforts supporting God’s work.

3. Giving Is A Crowning Moment. God has allowed us, unworthy sinners, to give to Him, who needs nothing and owns all. He gives us the chance to give the honor, praise and glory He deserves with our physical gifts. We should always give Him our best, crowning our King with openness, optimism, fervor, humility and reverence.