The Call to Worship Pt II: The Call to Beauty

Posted on Jan 28 2018, Pastor: Rev. Robert A. Wingfield
The Call to Worship, Part II
The Call to Beauty
Sunday, January 28, 2018
Woodstream Church

Psalms 96:8-9,
 Philippians 4:8

When a young wife learns she is pregnant, she experiences a flood of emotions, and at times is engulfed by a blush of a holy glow.  The Holy Spirit begins to lead her on a quiet path of beauty, entertaining her thoughts with music, patterns, shades of color and textures.  She instinctively wants to instill in her child through its nursery the quality of art appreciation.  Beauty plays an important role in our emotional, social and mental development, in how we perceive ourselves, others and the world around us.  This leads to our call from God to worship Him in the Beauty of Holiness.

Worship Transports Us Into God’s Presence. 
As we worship and give God glory, we are being transported into His Glory, surrounding us and filling our souls.  We need transportation to come to church, but only worship transports us to the presence of God where His Glory becomes present.  But if we abandon the worship of God, His Glory wanes and fades from our lives.  We become full of ourselves, worldly problems and distractions, losing the sense of His presence, pleasure and power.

Worship Transfixes Us. 
We live in a fast-paced culture: fast food, fast cars and transportation, fast internet connections and communications.  Some have racing thoughts, elevated blood pressure and are running in the wrong direction.  God commands us to “stand still and know I am God.”  Worship settles us, stills us, and can fascinate us so we even lose track of time.

Worship Transforms Us. 
The beauty of Holiness informs us that worship is reserved for God alone.  But if we don’t worship God, we will worship something or someone else.  Some worship leisure, pleasures or false ideologies.  Some put all their worship last night gambling, drinking, partying at a club or some other distraction Satan has to offer.  But the worship of God can make the drunk sober, the harlot pure and the wicked righteous.