Posted on Sep 18 2016


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Woodstream Church

Matthew 22:1-13 HCSB


The parable of the Wedding Feast was given by Jesus during the Passion Week, perhaps on Wednesday.  Tensions were high in Jerusalem; the priests, scribes and Pharisees decided not only to reject Jesus, but conspired to kill Him.  They rejected His authority from God and the invitation for reconciliation to God through Him.

No Matter How Many Reject The Invitation God Insisted His Banqueting Hall Be Full.The wedding feast parable was an extended simile. Israel represented the privileged guests who refused the invitation, and the Gentiles represented the common folk who attended the feast.  Jesus was rejected because the Jewish leaders wanted a Savior on their terms.  They were so angry that they killed Jesus and persecuted His apostles.  God wants His Kingdom full, but only with those who comply with His authority and obey His commands.

All Arriving Guests Shall Be Inspected. In the wedding parable, one of the guests was inappropriately attired, despite having proper wedding garb available from the King.  The King greeted all his guests at the banquet, but inspected them as well.  He had the offensive guest, who was willfully disrespecting the King’s wishes, bound and thrown out. This illustrates that salvation is not on our terms, but God’s.

Those Who Scorn The RSVP From God Are Subject To Eternal Imprisonment. Those who think they deserve heaven based on their terms will be surprised with rejection.  Just as they have rejected God’s rules in His invitation, so will they be rejected by Him.  You cannot live in the King’s Domain with contempt for His authority or disregard for His Son.