Readiness or Recklessness

Posted on Mar 06 2016, Pastor: Robert A. Wingfield



As His crucifixion approached, Jesus more frequently and emphatically taught His disciples that they must ready themselves for His sacrifice and eventual return. Their readiness is presented as an imperative, a command from their Lord. Too many professed Christians fail to take their stewardship seriously, adopting worldly attitudes and values, and engaging in sinful, worldly activities. We are to be consecrated to God’s service, and behave like the faithful servant, not the wicked servant.

The Wicked Servant Was Self Deluded. The wicked servant convinced himself that his master would not return soon and adopted an improper attitude. He dismissed from his mind the eventual return of his master and the accounting that would result for his actions.

The Wicked Servant Was Self Indulgent. Instead of attending to his duties, the wicked servant beat the fellow servants he supervised, and engaged in partying, socializing, eating and drinking with drunkards.

The Wicked Servant Was Disposed. When his master returned unexpectedly, the wicked servant was punished. He lost his position of trust and authority because of his self-indulgence and irresponsibility.

Jesus gave this parable to instruct His followers to remain ready, faithful, obedient and productive until His return.