Posted on Oct 22 2016, Pastor: Robert A. Wingfield



Sunday, October 23, 2016

Woodstream Church

Luke 11:14-26

The athletic supply giant UnderArmor has $2 billion in sales annually. Their corporate motto is “Protect This House.” Home security sales were about $23 billion last year, reflecting the desire of people to protect their most important place – home. Synonymous to manliness is the guardianship of protection; it was the first duty assigned to Adam. A man is to be ever vigilant, always alert to protect his family and home. But that duty not only applies to physical security, but also the moral and spiritual integrity of the home. Physical home invaders are called thieves and murderers; spiritual invaders are called evil spirits or demons. The havoc they can cause results in moral, emotional, psychological, physical and financial damage. They introduce drugs, perversity, aggression, criminality, suicide, depression, selfishness, slothfulness, entitlement and rebellion. Some demons are deeply entrenched in some families causing generational curses. These evil spirits enter into the home through the sins of man, and once in the home, must be forcibly ejected to stop the growing damage.

Generational Spirits Desire Man’s Authority, Jurisdiction And Residence. God granted man the great endowment of dominion. Evil spirits want to usurp or take away that authority from man by seducing men to engage in grave sin, compromising and reducing their authority. When a husband or father succumbs to sin, he undermines his God-ordained authority over the household, inviting in the demonic attack against his family and home. Held captive by his own shame and loss of moral authority, he becomes a helpless bystander witnessing the havoc against his wife and children. He can not intervene to remove to sins in the lives of his children. The children are prone to repeat his sins since the same demon who rules him now has free reign to influence them. When you perform wicked deeds, the wicked demons take the deed to your home and family.

You Must Be Armed With Prayer. Those who suffer from generational curses are living with evil spirits who are entrenched, comfortable and accustomed to calling the shots. To eject them, you must rid the home of all paraphernalia associated with sin: drugs, pornography, the occult and false religions, and any and all vice. Your prayer life and submission to God must be real. You must perform a spiritual cleansing and invite the Holy Spirit into the home, fortifying the home with Godly living and dedication, seeking God’s generational blessings.