Sunday, October 30, 2016

John 8:30-43

In John’s Gospel, he describes a heated exchange between the Jesus and the Jews about their father. They disputed His statements that they needed to be freed, mistakenly thinking their birthright as descendants of Abraham made them immune to sin. Their belief that their birthright freed them from Satan’s influence caused them to follow Satan’s lead to reject and later persecute Jesus and His followers. They were unaware that God had a Son, and they were afraid of the inference that they were not sons of God by their birthright.

1. God Has Sons, But the Devil Has Slaves. A simple test of spiritual paternity lies in our actions. Children of God are free; Satan’s followers are slaves to sin. They are slaves to fornication, pornography, prostitution, occult practices, drugs, alcohol, gambling, stealing, gossip, slander, violence, anger, and envy. God’s followers have been freed from practicing immoral and sinful acts.

2. Like Father, Like Son. The Jew’s intent was to kill Jesus. They were doing the works of their father, the Devil, who had come to steal and destroy. Those who by their actions destroy their homes, marriages, communities and relationships through laziness, blame shifting, defamatory speech, lack of accountability, manipulation and promoting sin as honorable are following Satan’s lead, not God’s.

3. Children of the Devil Cannot Understand. The minds of those under Satan’s influence are blinded to God’s Word. They have neither the capacity nor the interest to comprehend the message of Salvation.