Posted on Feb 05 2017

The world is beset by strife, division, conflict, malice, hatred and schisms. These are not merely descriptive words, but are also sins that darken the soul, empower demonic spirits, grieve the Holy Spirit and obscure our vision of God. Jesus introduced His Kingdom in an unusual way, delivering the Sermon on the Mount with a message and in a manner different from all other teachers. He was the Messiah. In His message, Jesus named eight persons He pronounced as blessed, among them the peacemakers. Peace making requires:
The Art of Prayer. Peacemaking cannot be done in one’s own strength. Christ demonstrated that by praying in the Garden of Gethsemane on the night of His betrayal. Jesus was about the carry out God’s task of reconciliation, dying for our sins. Consistent prayer is necessary to prepare us and sustain us through the enormity of the tasks of reconciliation and peacemaking.
The Art of Patience. Peace making is seldom accomplished with the snap of a finger. People are complex, with competing interests and agendas, and bring with them past hurts, fears and insecurities. It typically takes time for the Holy Spirit to break through and heal all of those ills. Peace making is an ongoing process, not simply a one time appeal. Effective peacemakers are not just tryers, but endurers.
The Art of Privacy. Peacemaking is often a personal, private appeal. That requires trust, confidentiality and transparency. It is not glory seeking, but goal seeking to achieve peace, unity and goodwill.