Outside the City

Posted on Aug 07 2016, Pastor: Robert A. Wingfield



The opening of the 2016 Olympics has spiked interest in obscure participants, learning about their names, countries, history and language. Billions of dollars were spent in building the complexes forming the Rio Olympic City. Outside those complexes are high crime rate communities, which are separated by barriers to protect the participants from the criminals. The Apostle John informs us that a similar barrier isolates certain people from entering the holy City of Heaven. Those who claim to be Christian, but continue living sexually immoral, lying, murderous, idolatrous, sorcerous, thieving lives will not enter heaven.

Christ Suffered Outside the City So We May Live in the City. Christ was unjustly convicted by the earthly authorities, and taken outside the city for execution. His sacrifice for us paid for all time the debt of sin, enabling those who accept and obey Him to enter into the eternal peace of heaven.

There Are Realities And Finality. The personality and character of the city is the same as God’s personality and character. Those who inhabit heaven must love and share God’s character. For those who reject Him, God will not pull punches, calling out and punishing sin. Those outside the city will suffer the torment of fire, memory, conscience, restlessness and anguish, the ever increasing prison inferno designed for Satan and his demons.

There Is Decline And Cancellation. Satan is turning people away from Christ. But the scriptures warn that nations that forget God will become hell, with foulness, obscenity, degeneracy, blasphemy and cruelty. They accept Satan’s guidance on earth, and will share his prison in eternity.