Missions Throughout the Generations

Posted on May 02 2016, Pastor: Robert A. Wingfield

MissThroughoutTheGen_940x280In the midst of a cultural decline marked by exploding occurrences of anger, violence and the loss of the dignity and sense of sanctity of life, Christians are asking what Christ will do to impact the culture to trust Him. The answer is in Genesis, where God called the Patriarch Abraham to change the generational confusion and corruption of man, which had grown since the Flood and Tower of Babel. God gave Abraham a covenant, a covenant that was generational, supported by the covenant of marriage to raise Godly children, through the new Covenant through Jesus Christ for salvation.

Covenantal Courage. It takes courage to be covenant followers of Christ, to weather opposition, hostility and attacks. God is our protector, and we are to fear God, not men. Promoting His love requires not only courage, but sacrifice, steadfastness, disciple making and covenant partner making.

Covenantal Sacrifice. The hardest act of Abraham’s covenant with God occurred when God requested the sacrifice of Abraham’s son of promise Isaac. Abraham had already left his native land, lived as a nomad in a tent, and parted with his concubine Hagar and his son Ishmael. But Abraham’s faith in God and His Promises withstood the test. This demonstrated the principle that the greater the sacrifice, the greater the love. That sacrificial example to others shows the depth of God’s covenant which is a Covenant of Love.

Covenantal Conviction. Upholding the conviction for Christ requires passion, devotion and dedication. That covenantal conviction and the devotion, sacrifice and courage it demands is only our reasonable service to almighty God.