Love Around the Table

Posted on Feb 21 2016


Love Around the Table

Sunday, February 21, 2016

John 13:31-35


Christians have celebrated Communion for more than 2000 years.  It is also known as the Eucharist, which means the “Giving of Thanks.”  In John’s Gospel describing the first Eucharist, there is compelling drama, some nuances Jesus confronted which are often missed.  It was Passover, with the Master and His disciples seated around the table. Jesus got up, which should have prompted His disciples to ask if He needed them to do something.  He was doing for them what they should have done for Him.  He had to confront the issue of negligence.  Jesus, giving him one last chance to repent, also had to let Judas leave before starting the Passover Meal.  He had to confront the issue of betrayal.  With those nuances addressed, Jesus then proceeded with instituting the new covenant of the Eucharist.

1. When There Is Love Around The Table Than There Will Be Love Around The World. The new covenant was accompanied by a new commandment, to love one another as Christ loves us.  Love expressed in attentiveness, humility and servitude, sacrifice and loyalty.  The love shown around the Communion Table is compelling, a bright light in the dark world.

2. Love Around The Table Is The First Step Towards The Crucified Life. From the Communion Table, to the Garden, then leading to the Cross, we who follow Christ are now dead to the world, risen with Him to minister in this life, preparing for eternal fellowship with Him.

3. Love Around The Table Is The Evidence That We Are Abiding In Him. The Communion fellowship shows a perfecting of our love, growing, maturing, deepening and strengthening our love for Him and one another.