Loss of Sight

Posted on Feb 07 2016, Pastor: Robert A. Wingfield

Judges 16:21-22, 13:3, 14:5-8

Unlike the millions of Americans today who are blind or severely visually impaired through disease, Samson lost his sight through torture. His loss of physical vision was preceded by his loss of spiritual vision, abandoning his Nazirite vow, and not living virtuously nor observing appropriate boundaries. Samson found himself in a dark place, in shackles, and a prisoner-slave to enemies due to his own foolishness.

1. All Of Life Counts Not Just One Thing. Samson was to be a profusely spiritual warrior/deliverer. But he was carnal, all muscle, impulsive, immoral and not concerned with spirituality, purity or his Nazirite vows. Even though Israel and Samson were undeserving of deliverance, God still used him to help downtrodden Israel. But Samson’s discipline was delayed, not eliminated. Samson was a one-man army, but a poor husband and leader.

2. God Appointed Boundaries Strengthens Us. Samson violated the boundaries of touching a carcass, going to Timnah (a town known for prostitution), and marrying a pagan woman. The boundaries God designed are tripwires to protect us, and violating them leads to God’s discipline and judgment.

3. Loss Sight Of True Freedom. True freedom is doing what you are supposed to do, not simply what you want to do. In prison, Samson learned humility and submission to God, and was ultimately honored in Hebrews as a man of faith.