Highly Esteemed

Posted on Aug 28 2016

Highly Esteemed

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hebrews 13:1-6 & Galatians 5:19-21


In professional settings, we often hear formal introductions of those with significant accomplishments, with the intent of giving them appropriate status.  That common cultural expression of esteem is however found lacking in the societal institutions of marriage and family established by God.  The modernists dominating today’s culture have a distinct disregard for the original intent and high esteem God designed.  Their influence and the damage done is illustrated in the African American community, where 94% of the children are born outside of Holy Matrimony.

The Esteem Of Matrimony. What God creates, Satan attempts to corrupt.  Modern society and some churches have either become hostile or indifferent to God’s design for marriage and family.  Promoting “new, progressive” redefinitions which are heretical to God’s Word has resulted in the confusion of generations and the known decline in cultural behavior.  Marriage and child bearing is to be highly valued, not trivialized.

The Etymology Of Matrimony.  The modern definition of matrimony is typically considered the state or condition of being married.  However, matrimony (“Matri”) derives from the Latin words “Mater”, mother, and “Matris”, motherhood.  Thus a more complete definition of matrimony includes the concept of motherhood, and that the very nature of marriage is procreative.  The vows of matrimony are inherently conducive to motherhood.  The ongoing satanic attacks on matrimony are attacks on motherhood and against children.

The Evaluation Of Matrimony. Marriage and motherhood form the bedrock of a viable and prosperous culture.  Mothers, whether child-bearing, adoptive, foster care or spiritual mentors, perform a vital function in society. The scriptures praise motherhood, in one instance declaring “her children rise up and call her blessed!”  We should return to highly valuing virtuous, noble and honorable wives and mothers.