Posted on Jul 17 2016, Pastor: Robert Wingfield

Grievances_1920x692Last week’s celebration of Bastille Day in France unexpectedly turned into a national tragedy when a man purposely drove an 18 wheeler into a crowd, and killed more with guns. The world is coming under increasing attacks by those with grievances. Cain’s murder of his brother Abel was the first recorded instance of a grievance resulting in bloodshed. His response to God’s judgment was not remorse, but selfish concern about his perception of the harsh penalty. Cain’s attitude is widespread today, where people feel entitled to kill and destroy if their grievances are not addressed to their satisfaction. They are not satisfied with God’s timing or response, but take matters into their own hands, even proclaiming their evil actions in the name of God. God judges by the heart as well as by the circumstances.

God’s Silence Is Intended to Create Suspense Not Suspicion. God knows everything, but first allows designated authorities to carry out His justice. Sometimes, His reproofs may begin so subtly that they are unrecognized. God’s character is predictable, but His timing is unpredictable. Therefore, justice delayed is not justice denied.

God Has a Vast Tool Box to Remedy Various Situations and Circumstances. After Habakkuk listed his grievances to God about the evils rampant in Israel, he was shocked that God’s instrument of punishment were the heathen Chaldeans. God used a nation Habakkuk considered more sinful to punish the unrepentant culture of Israel.

We Must Live By Faith. The fate of the world and all nations has already been determined by the condition of their hearts, and God’s judgment for that sinful state. We must have faith in God and live by faith in Him, not the world.