Grace and Truth

Posted on Mar 13 2016, Pastor: Robert A. Wingfield


Frivolous lawsuits are not only problems in society today, but have been an abuse of the legal system for thousands of years. The Jewish religious leaders were so intent on either discrediting or killing Jesus, they presented him with an improper case of adultery to judge. They brought a woman caught in adultery before him to see if he would either have her stoned or released. In contradiction to the Law, they did not have the accused man, present the witnesses or have the witnesses cast the first stones of execution. The Jewish leaders attempted to trap Jesus by any means necessary.

God’s Word Can Handcuff Evildoers. The Jewish leaders intended to trap Jesus by Him either enforcing the Law of Moses and violating the law of Rome restricting Jewish capital punishment, or releasing her and violating Moses’ Law. Jesus knew their intent, but also the Law and God’s intent. He simply responded that the person without sin should cast the first stone. We don’t know what he wrote on the ground, but we can surmise that he convicted them, exposing their sin.

Christ Dismissed The Case But He Does Not Dismiss Sin. When all of the people who wanted to condemn the woman left, Jesus told her He also did not condemn her, dismissing the case. However, he admonished her to sin no more. He dismissed the case, but did not have a dismissive attitude towards sin.

He Could Forgive Her Sin Because He Was About To Die For Her Sins. During that Feast of Tabernacles, the Jewish leaders did not recognize that God in the person of Jesus was abiding with them. The coming Passover Feast represented the shedding of blood and forgiveness. He forgave her sin because He was about to become the final sacrifice for her sins and ours.