Fighting A Losing Battle

Posted on May 28 2017, Pastor: Rev. Robert A. Wingfield

Fighting a Losing Battle

Memorial Holiday Weekend
Sunday, May 28, 2017
Woodstream Church
2 Samuel 1:17-25

This Memorial Holiday Weekend, we salute the men and women of our Armed Services, past and present, for their service to our country in defending our freedoms.  We hold the greatest honor for those who offered the ultimate sacrifice.  But while we remember the sacrifices leading to victories, we quietly forget defeats.  In the biblical text, David eulogizes Israel’s first king Saul and his heir Jonathan.  Israel had suffered a devastating defeat by the Philistines and the nation was suffering in anguish, fear and shock.
We Can Lose Battles But Never Heart.  David’s eulogy was intended to encourage the Israelites:  Saul and Jonathan were dead, but take heart how they fought.  David’s poetic prose stated they were swifter than eagles, stronger than lions, and the Israelites should lift up their heads and not feel ashamed.  As Christians, we also see the mighty falling: our institutions, values, confidence, faith and hope for our youth are failing.  But fighting a losing battle doesn’t mean we stop fighting.  We fight for Christ, His Church and our families.  We have victory in Christ, so while we can lose battles, we should not lose heart.
Persistent Disobedience Leads To Defeat. Sometimes we are fighting losing battles because, like Saul, we have persistently disobeyed God and the Lord is not with us in battle.  Our defeat is the ordained justice of God’s judgment.
In The Midst Of Defeat There Is Mercy. The road to recovery and strength is mercy.  David courageously forgave King Saul in his memorial song.  His acts of mercy paved the path for future victory over the Philistines.

Rather than “Fighting A Losing Battle” let’s “Fight the GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH.”