Crowning Moments

Posted on Jan 17 2016, Pastor: Robert A. Wingfield


Genesis 14:17-24

What are some crowning moments in your life? Graduating from college, purchasing your first home, or celebrating the milestones of your children? Or is it being told you are cancer free, maintaining sobriety or being drug-free over the years, or thanking a dying parent for their love and sacrifices for you? Crowning moments typically have elements of accomplishment, perseverance and providence. The travesty in life is that we can fail to recognize crowning moments, such as living apart from the spouse the Lord gave you, missing out on the childhood years of sons and daughters, or not appreciating the years of good health and your employment. The Bible is filled with examples of God’s grace and goodness, crowning His people with blessings. In eternity, God will bestow believers with the crown of life, the incorruptible crown of glory, the crown of rejoicing and righteousness.

1. The Lord’s Supper Is A Crowning Moment. Christ is our high priest of the Most High God. We are given the honor of celebrating His victory over sin, death and the grave through the Lord’s Supper. We share in His triumph, treated as royalty and are objects of His grace.

2. Giving To God Is A Crowning Moment. Our obligation is to give the first fruits, the best from the top, the tithe. It belongs to God, symbolizing the crowning moment of His Kingship, His Ownership and His Provision. Tithing can transform dollars into building, food for the poor, and support for missionaries. It is a sacred opportunity to place God ahead of self.

3. Crowning Moments Of Integrity. After miraculously rescuing Lot and the captives of Canaan from invaders, Abram told the carnal King of Sodom he would not accept a reward. He had vowed that his wealth would be seen as only coming from God and not from the corrupt people of Sodom and Gomorrah.