An Extraordinary Day

Posted on Mar 29 2016, Pastor: Robert A. Wingfield

Easter Sunday is not merely a Holy Day, but is an extraordinary Holy Day. The “Trifecta” of Holy Days is Christmas, Good Friday and Easter: Christmas gives “Tidings of Great Joy”, Good Friday demonstrates “6 hours on the Cross that changed the world”, and Easter reveals “He is not here, He is Risen.” In His post-resurrection appearances, Jesus was unassuming, not overwhelming to His followers. He greeted them, spoke with them, ate with them and even cooked fish for them on the lake. He showed that this Resurrection Life can be lived in ordinary ways.

The Resurrection Life Has A Calming Effect. When Mary mistook Him for a gardener at the tomb, He calmly called her name. She came to pour spices on a dead body, crying because she feared His remains had been stolen. Instead, she found a risen Savior who calmed her, giving instructions to report His resurrection to the disciples.

The Resurrection Life Is Rooted In Extraordinary Forgiveness. The resurrection is the tangible evidence that God the Father accepted the debt payment for sins that His Son accomplished upon the Cross. When we deny forgiveness, we are denying the merits of the resurrection. Many need to ask forgiveness, and many need to extend forgiveness.

The Resurrection Life Cannot Be Experienced Apart From The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit guides, directs and leads the believer into all truths. We are made alive by the Holy Spirit, who abides with us, giving us the calmness and forgiveness of the resurrection life.