Holy Bones Revival

Posted on Nov 15 2015

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In this scientific/medical age, there is great knowledge and appreciation regarding the significance of your human bones. Bones give shape and definition, support and protect vital organs, store minerals, and produce blood cells. Bones are critical to mobility. The people of antiquity held a deep religious and spiritual connotation of bones, viewing them as a lasting relic, the embodiment of a person’s character, presence, piety and holiness.

Your Bones Are Your Legacy. Going back to Genesis, the Jews would carry out meticulous rites to bury the dead. It was an interruption of these rites by raiding Moabites that caused the frightened burial party to hastily throw a dead man into Elisha’s tomb. When the body touched Elisha’s bones, the man came alive and stood up. The same God who used you in life can use you in death. Every day, hundred and thousands of people throughout the world are being saved through the lives, works, writings and service of those who had gone before them.

Your Life Can Revive Others. When others see you, is it as if they see an angel of God? Are they inspired to follow God, even when you become old and your body infirm? Do they seek your counsel and prayers in times of trial?

Revival Can Take Place Anywhere, And At Anytime. A revival is wherever the Holy Spirit takes His place, whether claiming a space, building or territory. People sense when they enter that holy place, and it draws not only them but also others who want that healing spiritual experience.