Dear Woodstream Members and Community Partners,

Our members and community constituents are essential partners in helping Woodstream to flourish and grow.  There are many persons in our midst that have special gifts and talents that can benefit others whether it be spiritually or personally.  We are a community of “builders”.

We want to welcome you to the first edition of the Woodstream Resource Guide.  The guide encompasses the various businesses and services provided by the members of Woodstream.  Whether you need a realtor, caterer, financial planner, doctor, etc., listed are the many services and products offered by those within the Woodstream community. All of the ministries available to you and your family within our church are also listed along with the contact person.

The guide is available on-line and in book form.  Please take some time to review either to see if someone within the Woodstream community can assist you with whatever is needed.  Special services are awaiting you.

In Christ’s Service,

Pastor Bob Wingfield

Beauty & Hair Care

Catering & Special Events

Children Services

Financial Services

Health & Wellness

Home Care & Improvement

Real Estate

Sales & Professional Services