Shining Star Search! Christmas Play

16 Dec 2017 | 02:00 pm - 04:00 pm
Place : 9800 Lottsford Road
Cost : FREE
Phone : 3019551142

Woodstream Church proudly opens the Christmas season with the new stage play written by Woodstream’s own Leslie Carr, Shining Star Search!  Follow us on a journey through a behind the scenes look of the best story ever told.  This exciting production, with guest musical artists Chris and Helen Holmes, will usher you into the spirit of the season with all the joy, splendor and wonder of Christmas.  Met with the challenge of organizing the activities leading up to the birth of Jesus, three angels Raphael, Harmony and Temperance must put their heads together to organize sheep, shepherds, angels and stars.  The stars…. turn out to be more of a handful than expected.  However, no job is too small and everyone has an intricate part in God’s master plan.  A few bumps in the road, lead to major problems in the plans.  “Shining Star Search is a talent packed production”, says director Marshall Johnson, Jr. “I couldn’t think of a more relevant story to tell during this season.”


Join us with your entire family and all of your friends to see if these resourceful angels are able to overcome great obstacles and successfully announce the birth of our Lord!

For more information call the Woodstream Church office at (301) 955-1142.